Language support

By default IEPY will use English models, but it’s also able to work with different languages.

The preprocess machinery that’s provided by default (Stanford Core NLP) has support for some other languages, so, check their models and documentation in case you need this.


The main goal until now was to architecture IEPY to allow different languages. Right now, the only fully supported languages are English, Spanish and German. If you need something else, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Language Installation and Models

The language models used by IEPY (the information used during preprocessing phase) are stored on your IEPY installation. Several models for different languages can be installed on the same installation.

In order to download Spanish models you should run

iepy --download-third-party-data --lang=es

In order to download German models you should run

iepy --download-third-party-data --lang=de


Check Stanford Core NLP documentation and files to download for more language packages.

Language Definition and Instances

Every IEPY instance works for a single language, which is declared on the file like this:

To change the instance language, change the settings file on the section where it says IEPY_VERSION:


To create an IEPY instance for a different language, you should run

iepy --create --lang=es <folder_path>