Gazettes resolution

We call a gazette a mapping between a list of tokens and an entity kind. If that list of tokens matches exactly on your text, then that would be tagged as an entity.

All the entities occurrences that where detected by a gazette and share the same set of tokens, will share the same entity. This means that if you have a gazette that finds Dr. House and tags it as a PERSON, all the occurrences in the text that matches those tokens, will belong to the same entity.

Basic usage: Loading from csv

The basic usage would be including a set of gazettes before running the preprocess step. To include the gazettes on your database, you can use the script that comes included with your instance. This will take a csv file with the following format:


Literal can be a single token or multiple tokens separated by space. The only restriction is that every literal is unique.

For example, a gazettes csv file could be:

Dr. House,PERSON

Removing elements

When deleting an entity, all the occurrences are deleted with it along the gazette item that introduced them. Same goes the other way, if you delete a gazette item, the entity, and therefore the occurrences, will be deleted as well.

To delete a gazette item, go to the database admin page and find the Gazette section. You’ll be able to find the one that you want to remove.

To remove an entity, find an occurrence by exploring a document on any of its views, and right click it. There you’ll find a delete link that enables you to remove the whole entity. Keep in mind that this action will delete the gazette item.